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Since 1999, our staff has immersed themselves in extraordinary places all around the world, traveling extensively in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, all the way to China and Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Caribbean.


They have spent time exploring the world's culture that draws from many lands, languages and peoples and investigated all the most popular ocean cruise destinations,  including Europe's Baltic & Northern Europe Cities & ports-of-call, The Mediterranean, including the Adriatic & Greece and of course The Caribbean, South America, Cuba, and Bermuda. Even a World Cruise to name a few.


At Viking Ocean Cruise Vacations, we present some of the most authentic and meaningful travel experiences.


On a Viking ship, you will sail into the heart of your destination, so you can explore up close and in depth. The size of the vessels — with just 930 guests — gives greater maneuverability, allowing them to dock where the mega-liners that dominate the world’s ports today cannot. From prime, central berths in the world’s great cities such as Venice, London and Monte Carlo and in seldom-visited ports like Kotor, Montenegro, and Scotland’s Shetland Islands, enriching cultural discoveries are just a short walk from your ship.  On a Viking Ocean cruise you’ll gain a unique perspective of a land and its people.


Now, when most cruise lines are building bigger and more over-the-top ships, Viking provide a thoughtful, authentic and well-designed small ship experience that brings you closer to the world’s cultures. You will not find casinos, umbrella drinks or needless distractions. Instead, you will cruise to intriguing and often little-known ports, enjoying ample time ashore, many overnight stays and an included excursion in each port of call. And since a cruise with Viking is an inclusive experience, there is never any sales pressure to purchase spa packages or specialty items from our menus. Any extras you add are entirely up to you.


Take a moment and give our Viking Master Ocean Cruise Experts a call. Ask all your questions. Take all the time you need to discover the most convenient way to see the world. This is cruising on an intimate scale, with a personal touch.


If a River Cruise is in your plans. Call us at 800.365.1445


On a river cruise, You’ll meander along at the easy pace of the river: Sloping vineyards, storybook villages and hilltop castles mark your progress through Europe’s great waterways . . . China’s towering Three Gorges usher you along the mighty Yangtze . . . riverside temples and pagodas guide you through the ancient civilizations and verdant countryside of the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers of Southeast Asia. All this, and you’ll unpack your bags just once. Welcome aboard one of Viking River Cruises deluxe ships - for an unforgettable journey enriched by knowledgeable local guides, activities and excursions that immerse you in the culture, and fine regional wines and cuisine.


We are eager to share our own "been there, done that" Ocean and River Cruise travel experiences that we hope will inspire that thirst within you for discovery and a passion for the wonders of Europe's Baltic & Northern Europe, Cities & ports-of-call, The Mediterranean, including the Adriatic & Greece and of course The Caribbean, South America, Cuba, and Bermuda. 


The strength of our service is our certified river cruise travel experts' experience. Our staff are some of the best River & Ocean Cruise experts in their fields: sharing their in-depth knowledge as well as the intimate perspective of their own travel experiences to draw a more complete picture of river cruising and places you can explore.


Viking Ocean Cruise Vacations - part of Cruise Direct Online, a national top sales leader. This opens doors for you, as we have exclusive access to special promotions, unique finds, private deals, and a wealth of information you will need to know, before you go.


At Cruise Direct Online, you also hear from other like-minded river cruise travelers, whose discoveries you can read about in the pages of guest comments and reviews at our Viking River co-branded website.



For example, "The most wonderful experience! Great accommodations. The staff were so gracious, friendly and helpful; they treated us like we were so important. Remembering our names was exceptional. Tour guides were fun! They made each exploration special and they were careful to make sure we all got to and from our excursions with nobody left behind. Also meeting new friends from other countries made the trip even more fun. I am eager to go on another. We highly recommend Viking for any cruise you may want. They are premium!"


With over 60 innovative ocean & river cruise itineraries, our top-notch Certified Master Viking Cruise Experts have a vast amount of resources to draw from, and the privilege of offering you exceptional river cruise travel experiences carefully selected for their exceptional quality, experience, and value.


We are prepared to help you with all details so you can relax, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the places you about to explore.


To get started, just give us a call at 800.365.1445. The call is free, and so is the advice, with never an obligation to book.


Ask all your questions, take all the time you need. If you do decide to travel with us, that's great. But, if not, it's still ok. We enjoy sharing our life's travel experiences with you and like-minded travelers, none the less.


We’ve been exploring the world since 1999. Now, let us take you there!


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Raye & Marty Trencher

Certified Master Viking River Cruise Experts

River Cruise Vacations

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Certified Master Viking Ocean Cruise Advisors

Benefits from engaging and knowledgeable experts.
Meet Raye and Marty Trencher, who are part of an exclusive group of travel planners who are recognized by Viking as Certified Master Ocean Cruise Experts, earning that distinction for their unique qualifications and knowledge as Viking Ocean cruise planning professionals.


We are part of an exclusive group of travel planners who are recognized by Viking Cruises as Certified Viking Master Ocean Cruise Experts, earning that distinction for our unique qualifications andThe Editor's of Cruise Traveler Magazine present Your Ultimate Cruise Guide - Know Before You Go. Tried-and-true Tips on how to have a successful cruise vacation. Get the latest cruise news, cruise reviews, and feature cruise articles. Be sure to read their Ultimate Packing List. A must read, before you plan your next cruise. Add your own article....share the experience. knowledge as Viking Ocean Cruise planning professionals. No one knows Ocean Cruising like we do. From planning to packing, from discount rates to departure dates, and where and what to see, everything you need to know about Viking Ocean Cruises, including Europe's Baltic & Northern Europe Cities & ports-of-call, The Mediterranean, including the Adriatic & Greece and of course The Caribbean, South America, Cuba, and Bermuda. Even a World Cruise!




Give them a call today at 800.365.1445. The call is free and so is the advice.

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Viking Ocean Cruises : Cruise Finder

Viking Ocean Cruises Rates, Dates, Deals & More




It’s not just our Nordic heritage that makes us proud of our Baltic and Northern Europe cruises, it’s the breadth and diversity of our itineraries. Behold the spectacular Norwegian fjords. Learn the true history of the Vikings as you visit remote islands and sail around the United Kingdom. See forward-thinking Scandinavian capitals and Peter the Great’s gilded city of St. Petersburg. Explore in depth with longer port calls, overnight stays and the long daylight hours of the midnight sun.


Viking Homelands 15 Days - From $5,349

Baltic Jewels & the Midnight Sun 29 Days - From $11,399

Into the Midnight Sun 15 Days - From $6,299

Scandinavia to Spain 29 Days - From $8,299

Viking Empire 50 Days - From $14,699

Barcelona, the Baltic & Beyond 22 Days - From $5,999

In the Wake of the Vikings 15 Days - From $5,599

Trade Routes of the Middle Ages 15 Days - From $3,999

British Isles Explorer 15 Days - From $5,999



Empires rose and fell along the Mediterranean and left behind a remarkable cross section of history. Explore Italian treasures, from ancient Rome to the Renaissance. Witness the birthplace of democracy in Athens and the source of world religions in Israel. Bask in the light that inspired great painters in the South of France. And sample the world’s finest wines. As you trace some of the world’s most historic shores, raise a glass to countless Mediterranean discoveries.


Passage Through Western Europe15 Days - From $3,999

Mediterranean Odyssey 13 Days - From $3,699

Empires of the Mediterranean 10 Days - From $2,999

Catalonia to Greece 22 Days - From $6,299

Grand Mediterranean Tour 15 Days - From $3,949

Mediterranean Getaway 8 Days - From $2,149

Nordic Explorer 36 Days - From $10,749

Passage Through Western Europe 15 Days - From $3,999

Romantic Mediterranean 8 Days - From $1,999

Scandinavia to Spain 29 Days - From $8,299

Viking Empire 50 Days - From $14,699

Cities of Antiquity & the Holy Land 15 Days - From $2,999

Barcelona, the Baltic & Beyond 22 Days - From $5,999

Secrets of the Southern Mediterranean 8 Days - From $1,999

West Indies to Iberia 15 Days - From $2,999

New Year’s in the Mediterranean 13 Days - From $2,999

Christmas in the Mediterranean 15 Days - From $3,499

Venice, the Adriatic & Greece 8 Days - From $2,499

Southern Mediterranean Discovery 8 Days - From $1,999

Italian Sojourn 8 Days - From $2,599

Iconic Cities of the Western Mediterranean 8 Days - From $1,999


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  Caribbean & the Americas

From Cuba to Curaçao, Belize to Brazil, we’ve foregone the umbrella drinks, kiddie pools and casinos in favor of celebrating the unique character of each port. Enjoy more time ashore to explore European and African legacies. See Santo Domingo, the Americas’ oldest settlement . . . rhythm-infused Havana . . . or Cartagena, jewel of the Spanish Main. Call at smaller ports and leave the crowds behind to absorb countless sensory delights. On board, cultural enrichment awaits with Caribbean-inspired meals, Destination Performances, lectures and more.

  • Caribbean, South America, Cuba, Bermuda Sailings


In the Wake of the Vikings 15 Days - From $5,599

Eastern Seaboard Explorer 13 Days - From $4,999

West Indies Explorer 11 Days - From $2,999

West Indies to Iberia 15 Days - From $2,999

New York to the West Indies 15 Days - From $3,499

South America & the Caribbean 11 Days - From $3,199

Central American Shores & Cuba 8 Days - From $2,499

From the Caribbean to the Amazon 22 Days - From $5,999

New York, Bermuda & the West Indies 15 Days - From $3,599


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The Viking World Cruise
Miami - London
141 Days

On one single voyage you will accomplish more travel milestones than most people achieve in a lifetime.





Viking Inclusive Cruising
With the world’s largest and best fleet of river cruise ships, There new Ocean cruise ships have earned more awards than any other ocean cruise line and

choice in every aspect of your travels, Viking delivers remarkable value.


Included in Your Cruise Fare

Free Shore Excursions, Wi-Fi Plus More Perks on Viking Cruises
One shore excursion in each port of call, led by a knowledgeable local guide
All onboard meals, featuring regional specialties made with locally sourced ingredients and always available American classics
Restaurant reservations with your choice of multiple dining venues and times (including open seating); no additional charges for the alternative restaurants
Wine, beer & sodas with onboard lunch and dinner service
Specialty coffees & teas available 24 hours
Internet/ wi-fi so you can remain connected
Self-service laundry facilities on multiple decks
24-hour room service to satisfy cravings, day or night

All port charges & government taxes — no nickel and diming