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Since 1999, our staff has immersed themselves in extraordinary places all around the world, traveling extensively in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, all the way to China and Southeast Asia.


They have spent time exploring the world's culture that draws from many lands, languages and peoples and investigated all the most popular river cruise destinations, such as Europe; including Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia and Romania plus towns in Croatia and Bulgaria, to name a few.


They are well educated and knowledgeable about the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, where you can view Europe's most icon landmarks, passing elegant castles, emerald vineyards and cultural capitals along the way.


At River Cruise Vacations, we present some of the most authentic and meaningful travel experiences as you travel by river, allowing you to dock right in the heart of both historic cities and quaint villages.  On a river cruise you’ll gain a unique perspective of a land and its people.


Now, River Cruises don't offer elaborate production shows, don't have a casino. There's no big promenade shopping mall, no midnight buffet, nor any waterslides, ice skating rinks or rock climbing walls.


River Cruises do transport you " back in time" to visit the people, places and events, where Europe, Russia and China's rich history comes alive in hundred's of historic sites, classical cities and towns. All the while, enjoying a river cruise ship's modern comfort, cuisine and included onshore excursions and activities.


Take a moment and give our Viking Master River Cruise Experts a call. Ask all your questions. Take all the time you need to discover the most convenient way to see the world. This is cruising on an intimate scale, with a personal touch. You’ll meander along at the easy pace of the river: Sloping vineyards, storybook villages and hilltop castles mark your progress through Europe’s great waterways . . . China’s towering Three Gorges usher you along the mighty Yangtze . . . riverside temples and pagodas guide you through the ancient civilizations and verdant countryside of the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers of Southeast Asia. All this, and you’ll unpack your bags just once. Welcome aboard one of Viking River Cruises deluxe ships - for an unforgettable journey enriched by knowledgeable local guides, activities and excursions that immerse you in the culture, and fine regional wines and cuisine.


We are eager to share our own "been there, done that" River Cruise travel experiences that we hope will inspire that thirst within you for discovery and a passion for the wonders of Europe, Russia and China!


The strength of our service is our certified river cruise travel experts' experience. Our staff are some of the best River Cruise experts in their fields: sharing their in-depth knowledge as well as the intimate perspective of their own travel experiences to draw a more complete picture of river cruising and places you can explore.


River Cruise Vacations - part of Cruise Direct Online, a national top sales leader. This opens doors for you, as we have exclusive access to special promotions, unique finds, private deals, and a wealth of information you will need to know, before you go.


At Cruise Direct Online, you also hear from other like-minded river cruise travelers, whose discoveries you can read about in the pages of guest comments and reviews at our Viking River co-branded website. For example, "The most wonderful experience! Great accommodations. The staff were so gracious, friendly and helpful; they treated us like we were so important. Remembering our names was exceptional. Tour guides were fun! They made each exploration special and they were careful to make sure we all got to and from our excursions with nobody left behind. Also meeting new friends from other countries made the trip even more fun. I am eager to go on another. We highly recommend Viking for any cruise you may want. They are premium!"


With over 30 innovative river cruise itineraries, our top-notch Certified Master Viking River Cruise Experts have a vast amount of resources to draw from, and the privilege of offering you exceptional river cruise travel experiences carefully selected for their exceptional quality, experience, and value.


We are prepared to help you with all details so you can relax, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the places you about to explore.


To get started, just give us a call at 800.365.1445. The call is free, and so is the advice, with never an obligation to book.


Ask all your questions, take all the time you need. If you do decide to travel with us, that's great. But, if not, it's still ok. We enjoy sharing our life's travel experiences with you and like-minded travelers, none the less.


We’ve been exploring the world since 1999. Now, let us take you there!


Find all 45 Viking River Cruises for Europe, China and Russia.


Raye & Marty Trencher

Certified Master Viking River Cruise Experts

River Cruise Vacations

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River Cruise Vacations

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Certified Master Viking River Cruise Experts
Meet Raye and Marty Trencher, who are part of an exclusive group of travel planners who are recognized by Viking as Certified Master River Cruise Experts, earning that distinction for their unique qualifications and knowledge as river cruise planning professionals.
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No one knows River Cruising like they do. From planning to packing, from discount rates to departure dates, and where and what to see, everything you need to know about River Cruises including Europe's Danube River, Rhine, Main, Elbe & Moselle., France & Portugal's Seine River, The Saône and Rhône Rivers, The Dordonge, Garonne and Gironde Rivers, The Douro River, China's Yangtze River, The Russian River System, The Mekong River for Vietnam & Cambodia +Thailand & Myanmar. 


In addition, they have completed certification courses earning the following accolades: • Viking Master Cruise Expert • Viking River Cruises Danube River Specialist • Viking River Cruises Rhine, Main, Elbe & Moselle River Specialist • Viking River Cruises France& Portugal Specialist • Viking River Cruises China Specialist • and Viking River Cruises Russia Specialist. Give them a call today at 800.365.1445. The call is free and so is the advice.

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New Ships.  

New Itineraries. New Savings.

New 2017 Itineraries
Grand European Tour & Belgium:
We’ve expanded our most popular itinerary to include our most requested destination: Belgium.
Imperial Cities of Europe:
Broaden your cultural horizons in Europe’s great cities on this 12-day journey from Berlin to Budapest.
Bavaria to Budapest:
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Danube Bend, and revel in the splendor of Mozart’s Vienna.
Switzerland to the North Sea:
Experience the kaleidoscope of the Rhine plus Basel and the canal-lined streets of Amsterdam.
Poland, Prague & The Elegant Elbe:
Explore the cultural capitals that are Europe’s most intriguing new travel stars.
Paris, Burgundy & Provence:
Fulfill your Francophile dreams with world-famous wines and gastronomic epiphanies.
Plus...Castles & Legends, Rhineland Discovery, Lyon & Provence and so much more!

New Asia River Cruise

Undiscovered China:
Unlock the Mysteries of Giant Pandas and Curious Carvings. Encounter some of the earth’s rarest creatures and explore the treasures of a deeply mysterious and

fascinating civilization on Viking’s newest itinerary.

New Ships
• State-of-the-art Viking Longships®
Viking Osfrid on Portugal's Douro River
• Award-winning Scandinavian design, cuttingedge technologies and eco-friendly features


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New Savings
2-FOR-1 cruises plus international air from only $195 per person
• Free airfare on all Russia departures
• Airfare from only $495 per person on China itineraries


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"These voyages are not for casino goers, tuxedo wearers, or children under 18.

They are for lifetime learners — people who want to experience a culture with like-minded adults" Read more about it.

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