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River Water Levels
River water levels dictate what happens for your cruise. If the river water level is too low or too high, your river cruise may be delayed, ships changed, overland adjustments made or alltogether cancelled. The river cruise companies may make alternate arrangements, like substituting a river cruise for an over land journey.  The river cruise company may swap ships, sometimes more than once, to complete the itinerary, provide motorcoach transportation and or put you up at a hotel rather than on the ship. The river cruise company may or may not issue a refund, or give any compensation for the change in itinerary or mode of transportation, as the rise and fall of river levels is considered an act of God. Further, you trip insurance, if purchased, may not reimburse you for these occurrences. You should check with your insurance company prior to making any payment to the river cruise operator ( i.e. Viking River Cruises ) and find out if their policy covers such circumstances. Failure to understand the coverages provided, could result in your claim being denied.


You can check the current list of changes or alterations to Viking's river cruises at this

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About My Cruise: Current Sailings




From Viking River Cruises Official website:


"Viking Cruises reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel a tour or to make changes in the itinerary and hotel accommodations whenever, in its sole judgment, or in the judgment of the vessel owner or operator, conditions warrant it. In the event of charters of the vessels, truces, lockouts, riots or stoppage of labor from whatever cause or for any other reason whatsoever, the Owner or Operator of the vessels identified herein may, at any time, cancel, advance or postpone any scheduled tour and may, but is not obliged to, substitute another vessel or itinerary and shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever to guests by reason of any such cancellation, advancement or postponement."


"Neither Viking Cruises nor the owners or operators of the vessels identified herein shall be liable for delay or inability to perform any condition herein or any part thereof caused by or arising out of strikes, lockout or labor difficulties or shortages whether or not the Carrier is party thereto, or explosion, fire, collision, standing or foundering of the vessel or breakdown or failure of or damage to the vessel or its hull or machinery or fittings howsoever and wheresoever any or the same may arise or be caused, or civil commotion, riot, insurrection, war, government restraint, requisitioning of the vessel, political disturbance, acts or threats of terrorism, inability to secure or failure of supplies including fuel, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond their control."


Viking Cruises has been providing destination-focused river cruise itineraries since 1997. Our operational and nautical teams have extensive experience in delivering contingency plans that remain focused on exploring the destinations you have traveled to see. We are confident that guests will still enjoy a river cruise full of culture, history, local cuisine and comfortable accommodations.


Contacting Viking Cruises

For questions about an upcoming sailing, guests can call our Customer Service team at 1.877.523.0579. To contact Customer Relations during your trip or after you return home, please call 1.877.668.4546, extension 4525 or email customerrelations@vikingcruises.com.


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