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 Better get on board early, River Cruises sell out months in advance.

When The Motion of the Ocean

 Doesn't "Float Your Boat"

by Chris Dikmen

We tend to associate "cruising" with getting on a huge ship filled with thousands of people and sailing to foreign ports of call in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Far East. It is interesting that many ignore the most original form of travel on water: river cruising. It is safe to say that mankind was moving goods and people up and down rivers long before ocean travel came into fashion. In fact, the majority of cities and towns throughout the world (up until 100 years ago or so) were constructed on or near a river. Before the railroad, rivers were the lifeline to commerce and travel.

European River Cruising

European riverboats have been purpose-built for modern river sailing. A typical European riverboat is a long, sleek, narrow vessel with no more than three decks. The shape allows them to navigate the various locks and bridges found on European river ways. A river cruise in Europe is all about the history of the land with no emphasis placed on the romance of river travel itself. While there are several companies that offer river cruises in Europe, Viking River Cruises is our choice, hands down. Viking River Cruises operates 19 riverboats throughout Europe, China and Russia making it the largest river cruising company in the world.

"These river cruise & small-ship cruise ships all feature elegant interiors with abundant glass, vibrant colors, modern designs with contemporary appointments, state-of the- art technology, personalized service, fine dining, remarkable amenities, and spacious outside staterooms."

What makes a Viking River Cruise so appealing is the ability to visit several European cities, often in multiple countries, without having to pack and unpack each time you move from one city to the next. You literally wake up in a new city every day and, in most cases, you can step off the boat and walk into town. Viking River Cruises' sailings are all English-speaking, which makes it much more appealing for Americans and Canadians.

China's Yangtze River

Unquestionably, one of the most dramatic and interesting trips of our career was our Viking River Cruise on the Yangtze River in China. This is one part of the world that offers a real cultural experience like none other.

River Cruising Considerations

River cruising is much smoother than ocean cruising. If you have held off on cruising because of concerns about motion sickness, a river cruise is a great way to "get your feet wet" so to speak. The boats are extremely stable and, in most cases, you don't even know you are moving.

Many river cruises will include shore excursions and guided coach tours as part of the cruise package. This makes river cruising a great value.

Riverboats are smaller than cruise ships and carry fewer passengers. There are no long lines of people waiting to get on or off the ship or waiting to get into the dining room. The feeling is much more intimate and personal. However, you may forego conveniences like Internet access. Also, you won't find casinos on river- boats. Entertainment on river cruises varies.

River cruising is more adult-oriented than ocean cruising. Because of the limited size of the boats, there are no facilities or staff dedicated to entertaining children. A river cruise is probably not the best choice for a "family" vacation with the kids.

River cruises tend to be casual. Forget about formal nights and tuxedos. River cruising is casual and relaxed.


River cruising is a wonderful story of discovery—complete with easygoing comfort and convenience. You’ll uncover treasures you find straight out of history books and fairytales—charming squares, magnificent cathedrals, bustling marketplaces—often just a stroll away from the ship. There is no waiting in long lines to get on or off the ship, and there are always amazing things to see—scenic vineyards, historic castles, or countless World Heritage Sites—from the comfort of your stateroom. There are many ways to travel through Europe, but none compare to the intimate, stylish, and sophisticated experience of a river cruise.


This year, it is all about value.
River Cruising has always been a great vacation value. You travel through exciting destinations in the heart of Europe, Russia, China or Egypt.  An all-inclusive river cruise costs less per day than you might otherwise spend for hotels alone.

If you like ocean cruising, you will love river cruising. It is our goal to introduce as many people as we can to the joys of river cruising and how great a River Cruise journey can be. So we feature incredible 2-for-1 pricing on select river cruises and discounts of $800 per couple or more.

Review all the award-winning river cruises in Europe, Russia, China, or Egypt from 3 of the best river cruise specialists.


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Think outside the boat. Don't choose the boat, choose the entire experience. That way, your cruise vacation will be much more rewarding!"


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All of your onboard meals are included in the cost of your fare, and on a number of itineraries you are invited to dine ashore in a pre-selected restaurant. Complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks are served with lunch and dinner on board, and you can help yourself to tea, coffee and cappuccino at any time.

  • Spacious, light and airy, every stateroom is beautifully appointed, with elegant décor. Whether you choose a stateroom with a picture window, French balcony with sliding glass doors or a suite with your own veranda, every room makes the most of the spectacular scenery.
  • Guided tours incorporate the highlights of each and every destination, and these are included in your fare. Plus, a variety of included cultural events are also offered to provide an enriching, entertaining and memorable experience.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access provided throughout the ship
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