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Youíve never been on a river cruise? Maybe you donít know what a river cruise is all about. Maybe you donít know who to ask. Thatís why weíve offered this handy FREE guide.


It gives you a really clear idea of what a river cruise is, and what it is not. It dispels a lot of popular myths, with information and pictures on what you can expect - from the moment you first step on board to the time you say goodbye. Itís your go-to place for all things river cruising.



If youíve never been on a river cruise you are bound to have lots of questions. What are the ships like? And the staterooms? What do you do during the day? Do you have to dress up for dinner? You can find the answers to all these questions and more in Your Complete Guide to River Cruising.

It is packed with maps, photos and information about the different rivers you can sail on, and the places you can visit along the way. It also give you detailed information about our ships and what you can expect on board, as well as the different things you can spend your time. If youíre a first-time river cruiser, itís your first port of call. 

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